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Botulunium toxin A injection, a simple, safe and painless procedure used to reduce fine lines, especially on the forehead and around the eyes, is one of the most common procedures we peform at ClinMedica. Because facial muscles are always in direct contact with the skin, muscles folds and wrinkles naturally occur over the years.

Botulunium toxin A is derived from Clostridium Botulinium bacteria. It shows its effect in the nerve-muscle junction in the area of application. The toxin interferes with the neural passages at a cellular level and temporarily paralyzes the muscle. Thanks to this mechanism, it offers the opportunity to obtain a face free of wrinkles.

In the injection of botulunium toxin A, the parallel lines on the forehead, the vertical lines between the eyebrow and the horizontal lines, called crow’s feet, at the side of the eyes are the main target. In addition to removing wrinkles in this area, eyebrows are also lifted up. Botulunium toxin A is usually sold in the form of vials, ready to be injected.

Blood thinning medications should be discontinued prior to the procedure and the whole procedure takes less than 10-15 minutes. Within 3 days, muscle movement in the area treated is restricted. The effect from botox will last for 3-6 months.

Botulunium toxin A does not pose any risks if an appropriate amount is applied on the correct area. The reduction of fine lines after proper injections gives a younger and livelier appearance. Although botox is more commonly used for aesthetic purposes, it could also be used to treat excessive sweating at the base of the armpits, palms and feet or extreme migraines.