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Breast Lift

Genetics, ageing, pregnancy and weight loss can unfortunately affect a woman’s breasts, causing them to sag and lose volume.  Breast lift, or mastopexy, aims to raise sagging breasts to a higher level in the body, creating a more youthful appearance and enhancing your self-confidence. It is performed under general anaesthesia and takes about 3-4 hours. If breast sagging is accompanied by a lack of breast volume, a silicone breast prosthesis is used during breast lift surgery. Silicone breast prosthesis can be used in low-grade breast enlargement.

It is recommended that the patient spend at least one day in the hospital after the operation. For 2 months after the operation, excessive movement of the chest muscles should be avoided. Usual activity could be resumed within 3-5 days after the operation. The use of a special bra for the first 2 months promotes the recovery of the breasts and reduces the movement of the chest muscles and is therefore recommended.