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Eyebrow Transplant

Because of the growing demand to treat hair loss in the eyebrows, eyebrow transplant is one of most common facial hair transplant procedures performed today in Turkey.  Eyebrow hair transplant is preformed in the same manner as hair transplant in the head under local anesthesia.

Single follicular hair unit are accurately transplanted from the donor area in the scalp to the eyebrow-received area, where hair fall could occur due to various causes including genetic factors or damage done by over-plucking, laser hair removal, or scars.

Because of the nature of the hair in the eyebrow, the grafts extracted from the donor area resembles the original thickness and texture of natural eyebrow hair. The number of hairs that can be transplanted in both eyebrows range between 100 to 700 hairs. This process is preformed according to the patient’s desire for the final shape and density of the eyebrow.