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Hair Transplant Post Operation Care Instructions

Hair Transplant Post-Operation Care Instructions
The first days after the operation:

Those instructions are meant to be followed during first 12 days after the operation, after that, you can gradually go back to your normal life.

After your return to the hotel, you must pay attention and take very good care of the implanted area: do not rub it with any hard tools or to hard surface,  you must pay attention so you do not touch the roof of the car while going inside or outside the car.

During the first 3 days after the operation, you should never lay down your head (chin down)

You should drink a lot of fluids to expel the injected liquids.

You should never scratch the recipient area.

You must sleep on your back with a rolled towel under your neck.

You must stay away from direct sunlight and heavy rain.

On the following day of the operation, you must return to the hospital to unwrap the bandage and learn how to wash your head with shampoo and lotion.

You can only wear wide hats that don’t touch the recipient area.


Aksef: one pill in the morning and one pill in the evening, after eating.

Prednol: 4 pills at one time in the following day of the operation and only 2 pills on the day after.

Parol: painkiller when necessary.

Things that are not allowed after hair transplant operation.
Swimming, running, and bodybuilding is not allowed for one month after the operation.

Sexual intercourse is not allowed for 10 days after the operation.

Drinking alcohol is not allowed for 10 days after the operation.

It is not allowed to cut the hair from the recipient area until 6 months after the operation.

After 6 months you cut the hair with scissors only. And after 9 months you can shave your hair.

The donor area can be shaved one month after the operation.
After Hair Transplantation Operation:

Few days after the operation you may notice the falling of peels with some hair. This is absolutely normal nothing to worry about.

One month after the operation, the implanted hair will fall but the hair follicles remain and start to grow naturally three or four months after the operation.

The donor area may get dry so it’s preferable to use a moisturizer twice a day.

Some pimples may appear in the donor area, it is normal they will fade away in a few days.

You must stay in contact with us for a whole year after the transplant.
You must send us picture after the twelfth day of the operation.

After the first month,

The second,

The third month,

Every month until the twelfth month.

Those pictures must be clear and from all sides.

Head washing method after the operation:
Day 3:

Post-operation hair wash procedure should be gentle without rubbing or strong movements.


Apply the Lotion for 30 minutes and then wash it with warm water (only the recipient area)


As for the shampoo, pour the right amount , create foam between your hands and spread foam through the  donor area gently, and normally over the rest of the head and then wash with warm water.


Gently dry your head and the recipient area with Tissue Paper.

Hair vitamins:

In order to maintain healthy hair and to ensure that the new follicles are well nourished, you must take those vitamins Far 6 consecutive months as follows:

Reviger: 6 packets of shampoos. One for every month.

X Pecia: 180 Pills one pill per day after eating

HP Biotin: one pill per day after eating. 200 pills only.

PRoscar: only 1/4 pill every day after eating. 28 Pills only.

ClinMedica Clinic:

Not following the previous instructions may lead to the failure of the operation or may reduce and affect the hair’s density. Therefore, in order to  have the desired results , all these instructions must be followed.