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How Hair Transplant Operation is Done





First, the doctor draws the hairline and the main targeted parts to implant, afterward the staff shaves the patient head then the patient will be taken to the operation room.

The second step is the local anesthesia. the estimated time for hair transplantation surgery could take from 6 to 8 hours.

The patient will be able to have short breaks for lunch; the patient can watch TV or listen to music during the procedure.

FUE hair transplant operation consists of four (4) stages:

  • extracting grafts from the donor area

The grafts are extracted using a micro motor system. The micro motors punch size would be adjusted according to hair thickness.

  • reckoning grafts

The extracted grafts will be separated and counted as triple, double and single. At this point, the patient can have a short break for lunch and any personal needs.

  • Micro Slit incision

The doctor will start opening the channels according to thickness and length of hair roots in the area where extracted grafts will be implanted. The most important things are the angle, frequency and depth of the channels opened at this stage. It is also very important to protect the hair roots in the implanting area. The space we provide to the hairline should be 45 to 50 degrees. The channels to be opened in this region are exceptionally imperative in order to achieve a natural appearance after hair transplantation.

Grafts positioning

the extracted grafts should be positioned in the direction of the roots channel. It should be placed so that the facing upwards relative to its outer surface. Grafts are very sensitive by nature. For this reason, micro-surgical techniques should be used. The new hair follicles are 100% prolonged and permanent. The FUE technique is extremely sensitive and serious. Experience is very important. Undoubtedly, this operation should be performed only by physicians and specialists.