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Is my Age suitable for FUE Hair Transplant?

Hair loss may begin genetically from an early age

If a patient has hair loss, the sooner he/she take action, the more positive the treatment will be done exactly. Let’s look at this issue in more accurate.

The young people should take their hair loss which start at early age seriously.

Frontal balding or receding hairline is the most common pattern of hair loss and it has to be taken seriously. Those who experience this problem must start taking measures Expeditiously.

Hair treatment and hair transplant surgeries should be started as soon as possible to avoid most of the common problems completely.

İt doesn’t depend on what age you are or you are male or famle, if you have a visibly 50% thinning in your hair density and your scalp has become visible, you are completely ready for your hair transplant surgery.

The most effective and effective treatment for this condition is FUE hair transplant method.

beside of that, there is no certain age limitation in hair transplant surgery, hair transplantation Hair transplantation is classified as a cosmetic procedure rather than an operation

The patient may need to undergo further 1 or 2 hair transplant sessions later and this is a normal situation, and there’s nothing to worry about.

İt’s better for the Patient not being late for a hair transplant surgery because losing hair follicles in the donor area isn’t healthey.