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Ageing begins from the day we’re born. While gravity takes its toll on our skin, cigarette use, sunlight, stress, weight gain and many other factors may impair skin quality and accelerate sagging. Those effects could be reserved with neck surgery, a highly effective operation performed under general anaesthesia to tighten the skin in the neck and improve the overall appearance.

The type of surgery to be done to the region is determined by the amount of fat surplus and the level of sagging. Laser liposuction/VASER application is beneficial in the cases of minor sagging. However, if you have severe sagging and excess skin, it is essential that the excess skin be removed.

The patient is followed up for 1 day in the hospital after the surgery. It is advised to use a face mask for the first 2-3 days. Swelling and edema in the face area will disappear within for 7-10.