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Needle Free Anesthesia

Needle-free injection technology (NFI)


 Needle-Free Injection is a type of local anesthesia that uses high-pressure. A narrow jet of the injected liquid is used instead of a normal hypodermic needle to penetrate the epidermis (skin).


The devices are available in reusable forms. In contrast to the traditional syringes. NFI’s drugs are in the form of solid pallets that can be administered. The future of this technology is promising to ensure virtually painless and highly efficient drug delivery.


The main drawback associated with this technology is the “wetting of the scalp”  which can, if not taken into consideration, transport dust and other unwanted impurities. This technology is supported by organizations such as the World Health Organization. This technology is thought to be extremely beneficial to the pharmaceutical industry.


(NFI) is highly useful in mass immunization programs, by avoiding the needle stick injuries and avoiding other complications including those arising due to multiple uses of a single needle. Better patient compliance has been observed.