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The difference between (FUE) and (FUT) Methods

The difference between fue and fut



The First Step of hair transplantation after the anesthesia is the extraction of the grafts which can be done by any of those 2 techniques:


FUT (Strip Method): This is a procedure in which small clusters of hairs or ‘follicular units’ are removed from the donor area of hair (the fringe of hair around your head) in a strip, and inserted into the recipient area (the bald area of your head). when the hair is implanted, there will be a permanent scar on the donor area range on the back of the head.

FUE: In this strategy, the grafts are extracted one by one from the donor area with a miniaturized scale engine framework and implanted one by one on the bald. Compared to the FUT strategy, the FUE strategy is much more invaluable, productive and the results are much better than the other one (FUT).


We can conclude: In the FUE technique, the extraction is done follicle by follicle, individually, while in the FUT technique, the gathering of follicles is done by the removal of a strip of scalp tissue from which the follicles will be separated by a scalpel